Nonprofit Direct Mail

If you're not using Direct Mail to spread awareness for your Nonprofit, you're missing out millions of potential prospects. From local to nation wide, Direct Mail marketing is the most effective way to promote your Nonprofit.
  • Only .07¢ per postcard mailed.
  • Industry Leading Turnaround
  • Designed, Printed, & Mailed For Less Than a Stamp
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How Direct Mail Works

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Choose Your

Pick one of our full color products and sizes to create a custom direct mail marketing campaign that will get you results!

Step 2

Order Postage

Choose from our flexible delivery options allowing you to save time and money!

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Select Mail

Schedule your direct mail induction date quickly and easly via our automated scheduling service.

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Art & List

Upload your artwork or choose from one of our in-house design options. Then build a list online in real-time via our FREE “LiveLIST” tool.


What’s the difference between Direct Mail and regular mail?

When you write out a letter or postcard and then stick a stamp on it you’re putting in a lot of working and paying full price for postage. “Direct Mail” includes several elements which make it more effective and less costly than manually sending out letters. Direct mail is a form of direct marketing, which is targeted marketing based on the person who will receive the message. By using a direct mail professional, you can save on addressing and postage while improving the effectiveness with better mailing lists and services.

How does Direct Mail work?

Direct mail is easy. When using Postcard Pros we handle all the hard work. We’ll prepare the artwork, print it, and mail it.

Can we use Direct Mail ourselves?

Yes, but to get postage discounts, you’ll need a permit, some software for processing mailing lists, addressing equipment and delivery to the business mail entry unit. We do not recommend this in most cases, because all of this would cost more money than what you would save.

How do I pay for postage?

Some orders are packages which have the postage rolled into our costs, you can view what part of the cost was for postage or we can provide that information to you. Some customers prefer to pay for postage separately after the mail has been printed but before the pieces are mailed. This is a great way to split the payment and control when your mailer will go out.

How long will it take for mail to get delivered?

First class mail has a 1-4 day service time, and Standard Mail ranges from 1 to 10 days.

How long does it take from the time I order to the time it gets to the post office?

While times vary depending on the particular of the production, a postcard will take a little over a week usually to go from payment and approval to delivery at the post office.

How do you verify that the postcards have mailed?

Upon request, we will provide you with an image of the postal documents verifying delivery. Additionally, we have tracking services available for some mail. Ask us for more details.

Are there discounts for nonprofits?

If you have a nonprofit permit, yes. Please contact us for more info, we can help you apply for a permit and request permission for third parties to mail under your permit.

What if the address is bad or the person has moved?

We will process your mailing list to remove as many bad addresses and old addresses as we can, this way you do not have to pay postage for these entries on your mailing list.

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